Our Comenius Project, The Magic of Reading, The Power of Discovering Ourselves


Our sixth meeting for the Comenius Project took place in Lubliniec,Poland between 3-9 February. Our 11FLD students and a student from 10FLD  took part in this meeting.As in all the previous meetings, we were warmly welcomed by our Polish colleagues and the host students.

On the first day,  we listened to some presentations about  Lubliniec , Poland  and their school prepared by Polish students.Our students took part in some workshops on literature on the same day. All the guest and host students had the chance to get to know each other better both with some ice-breakers and the welcome party organized at school in the evening. 

In the following days, we had some nice trips to Jasna Gora Sanctuary and Koszecin, where we watched some performances by a famous Dance Ensemble. We also had a very nice day trip to Krakow on a snowy day which had turned the city into a postcard. Some guest students even experienced walking in the snow for the first time. Moreover, seeing the Wieliczka Salt Mine was very impressive for all of us. 

As part of our project, all guest students from partner schools perfomed their presentations about Poland and Wislawa Szymborska poems were recited in their mother tongue. All students took part in another workshop on literature on the last day. 

Our meeting in Poland ended with a nice traditional Polish dance in the town market in which almost all students and teachers joined and the Farewell Party at school . We , the teachers and our students returned back to Istanbul with new experiences and unforgettable memories.


The fifth mobility in our Comenius Project was to Calabria, a beautiful small town in the Southern Italy.
Our main task was to perform the plays our students wrote based on their short stories written from the same story beginning.
We watched the plays on Wednesday, 12th 2012. It was amazing to see how creative each school could go with the same story beginning we all had different plays, stressing the values we had chosen previously.
We also discussed the questionnaire results on how the project helped us and we were not surprised at all to have almost the same results.

Of course we worked hard but we also enjoyed the great hospitality and kindness of the Italian people, delicious food, fresh fruits from the trees, the beautiful view of the Tiranian see, walking in the narrow streets of the picturesque little towns like Ajeta, Tortora, Cosenza, Calabria which were great opportunities for all of us to breathe the mystic smell of the history. Walking on the same paths where our ancient ancestors had lived was exciting and seeing we haven’t come further than they already achieved was amazing. The civilization existed in the ancient times. We, human beings, haven’t changed a lot since then. Same problems, same passions, same dangers still exist.

Our host school organized the trips in a very careful way that from the second day of our mobility to the last minute we enjoyed every moment we spent together. Visiting Pompei and the beautiful Salerno decorated for Christmas were fascinating.
On the last day of the meeting the students, teamed with their international friends took part in a treasure hunt in the old town of Scale. They discovered both the town and the books and poems read during the project, enjoying working together.

It was hard to say goodbye but we all know that every ending is a new beginning and every beginning is a new adventure.
I am glad we had the chance to meet our Italian friends and I am sure the next mobility in Poland will be as amazing as this one.


Impressions from Hungary

Our 4th Comenius school meeting was held in Györ  which is the second important city of Hungary. Our programme was really very well-organised and enjoyable.
 In this trip we had a chance to visit some historical places like Pannonhalma Monastery, Parliament Building, churches and many magnificent places. Besides them we were also very lucky that we had an opportunity to watch  ‘Dr Jekyll and Hyde’ musical in National Theatre of Györ which was absouletly amazing. Another cultural event was the concert of the Györ Philharmonic Orchestra that their performance was worth watching. Visiting Korda Film Studios was another educational and also entertaining part of our trip. In addition to them, students also worked for the project. They made illustrations, presentations and they read poems and paragraphs from the books. They had programmes with their host families. It was a beautiful experience for students to discover different cultures, traditions and social life.
Finally, we’re all very pleased to be part of this Project. We will never forget warm welcoming of Hungarian team so it will be a good memory for all of us.

Meeting in Istanbul

 Finally we hosted our partner schools in Istanbul. My school was very glad to have this opportunity. We, the language department teachers worked very hard yet we enjoyed and learned a lot. On the first day, after the short tour in the school, we gathered in the conference hall and presented ‘What Comenius means to us’. There were very experienced schools among us; however, the experienced and the inexperienced schools all had the common conclusion. Comenius projects are great opportunities to help us learn about each other. We also had the chance to celebrate The Europe Day on 9th of May at school. We cooked traditional food in the school kitchen all together. Peeling, chopping, whipping was wonderful with the students and teachers. Our kitchen workers also enjoyed the experience very much although they got tired very much. When all the food was cooked, we headed to the school yard, and country had a stand with its flag. The teachers and the students served the food to the guests and enjoyed the lovely spring weather for a while. Then we headed to the conference hall and each team sang, danced and even taught their dances to the other groups. It was a great evening and all of us left the school with wonderful memories. We choose our story beginnings. We read paragraphs from the novel and recited Zahrad’s poems in many languages. We organised day trips in Istanbul. It was difficult to show all the beautiful places around but at least we tried our best as a taster and also with a boat trip in an evening, we managed to show the most of the city. The worst part was the ending. We cried a lot, we hugged each other, becoming friends once more, promising each other to keep in touch until the next meeting. 
This video is created by our 11 language department students for the 'What Comenius means to us'.

Comenius Multilateral Projects are funded by EU, lifelong learning programmes and after a long search, we finally have a Comenius project for 2011-2013 Academic Years. Our project is called ‘The Magic of Reading, The Power of Discovering Ourselves’. We have 6 partners and we have just started our exciting journey to discover ourselves. The teachers and students from Hungry, Poland, Romania, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Greece met in Pucioasa in Romania in November.
The project is all about reading and promoting a reading habit for the students which will continue even after the project. In our countries, we started reading clubs where we will read and discuss the chosen books. Then in Spain we will start our stories and coming our homes, we will write our own stories using the same beginnings. These stories then will become scenarios and will be staged in Italy. Moreover, we will translate passages from the books, create a multilingual dictionary. Another aim of the project is to know each other well so we will also introduce our towns to each other.  We know it is a tough journey but we are sure we will enjoy the whole process immensely.                                                                                             Foreign Language Department

The presentations of the novels and the poems:

Pinocchio by Collodi

Advertisement by Szymborska

As much as I can by Cavafy


Song of the Rider by Lorca

Ithaka by Cavafy

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The Window by Cavafy

The window
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The Walls by Cavafy
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